Nov 26, 2010

Ice skating now open

Bourkevale's crack volunteer ice-making team was busy around the clock the last week of November flooding the club's two ice rinks as they prepared the ice for the winter season.
The club officially opened its north rink Sunday, Nov. 28 at 1 p.m., coinciding with Bourkevale's annual children's Christmas party from 1-3 p.m.
Volunteer ice-makers Ron Templeton, Jeff Valgardson, Andrew Kelch, Ed Toews and Dan Reles have put in countless hours preparing the rinks for flooding, clearing snow and laying down well over two dozen floods on both the south and north rinks. Their efforts were made a little more challenging with heavy snowfalls in late November that delayed flooding.
The response to our first day of skating was nothing short of phenomenal with dozens of skaters out on the ice the first afternoon it was open.
The skate room and canteen will be open regular hours — 6-9 p.m. Mon-Fri and 1-9 p.m. Sat.-Sun. — beginning Monday Nov. 29. Come out and enjoy the best outdoor ice in the city and warm up with a tasty hot chocolate and snack at our friendly canteen. And while you're at it, leave a thank you note in the comment section below to our volunteer ice makers who put in unbelievable amounts of hours to give us the high-quality ice we enjoy every year.