Dec 31, 2012

River sliding a tradition at Bourkevale

Ice sliding onto the Assiniboine River at Bourkevale in the 1930s. These guys knew how to have fun!
Ice slides and toboggan runs have been a tradition at Bourkevale for many years, as evidenced by this historic picture that was just submitted to Bourkevale Community Centre. This slide was built by the Bourke family and friends circa the 1930s on what was then the Bourke family farm, about 20 years before Bourkevale Community Centre was established. It was located approximately 50 feet west of the current toboggan slide. Look for more historic pictures and information in the New Year about the Bourke family, their farm and the events that led to Bourkevale becoming a nine-hole golf course, a park and eventually a community centre.

Dec 15, 2012

City helps Bourkevale mark anniversary

Coun. Scott Fielding presents Bourkevale president Gary Kristiansen with a commemorative plaque
Bourkevale Community Centre celebrated the 60th Anniversary of the official opening of its clubhouse this month. The main clubhouse officially opened Dec. 5, 1952. Coun. Scott Fielding (St. James-Brooklands) was on hand to present the club with a commemorative plaque Dec. 14 to mark the occasion during Bourkevale's monthly board of directors meeting.
"I'd like to congratulate Bourkevale for 60 years of service, it's fantastic," said Fielding. "We should be proud of all the hard work volunteers have done over the years to keep the centre going."

Dec 5, 2012

Bourkevale celebrates 60th Anniversary of clubhouse

Joan Jackson, circa 1953 at new clubhouse
Sixty years ago, Bourkevale Community Centre officially opened its clubhouse on Dec. 5, 1952. It was a grand affair whose presence included then-mayor of St. James Reginald Wightman who cut the ceremonial ribbon with club president Art Stephens and past-president Bob Pyne. The club was packed with area residents on that Friday night and folks enjoyed a night of dancing, a live band and good times with neighbours and friends.
Bourkevale Community Centre has a rich history dating back to 1949, three years before the club finally got its own clubhouse, which was dragged down Ferry Road from the airport and installed at the present site.
We have launched a new Bourkevale history website which chronicles the early efforts of area residents to establish their local club, the struggles and challenges they encountered — including the tragic death of a young boy — and the success they ultimately enjoyed.
It's a remarkable story. Click here to explore the early days of Bourkevale and discover why this club, 60 years later, is still so important to our community.

Dec 1, 2012

Rinks are open, new season begins

First game of shinny of the season on the north rink, Dec. 1, 2012.
Bourkevale's rinks officially opened Saturday, Dec. 1. And it didn't take long for players to toss their sticks into centre-ice to kick off the season with the first shinny game of the year. With puck-board installed behind the nets this fall and new Bourkevale logos on each end of the ice, the rinks are looking fabulous. A giant thanks to our volunteer ice-makers Ron Templeton, Jeff Valgardson and Scotty Nystrome for their tireless efforts over the past two weeks to get the rinks ready.

Oct 3, 2012

New puck board installed on ice rinks

Bourkevale's volunteer ice crew was busy installing some new product on the north and south rinks this past week. The club is putting in new "puck board" material to help strengthen and enhance the look of the boards behind each net. Look for new "Bourkevale Bruins" logos on the boards, too.
The project has a budget of $4,000, which is made possible by all the fundraising and other revenue-generating efforts by volunteers at the club.  Thanks to volunteers Ron Templeton and Jeff Valgardson for their tireless efforts keeping our rinks in tip-top shape.

Sep 26, 2012

Have you checked out our photo gallery?

Few events at Bourkevale's Hoedown are more memorable than the "Wild" dog show, a favourite at the club's biggest annual event. If you like this shot, check out our photo gallery which you can view any time by clicking on "photo" in the icon at the top of this home page. It goes back several years. If you have any great shots of Bourkevale events and would like to share, please send your photos to and we may add to them to our gallery.

Sep 7, 2012

Remember this Hoedown video?

This is from 2008. Click the picture.

Jun 26, 2012

Happy Days: Water slide and soccer social was fun for everyone

Bourkevale's water slide and soccer fundraising social was a huge success this year. Kids — and parents — couldn't get enough of the water slide on the north side of the building. Throw in water gun fights and water balloon contests and most kids didn't want to leave Saturday. The evening was capped off with a fundraising social at the club where everyone in attendance had a great time. The event raised approximately $1,200 for the club's soccer program. Thanks to Cam, Cindy, Joan and everyone else who made this great day happen.

Jun 11, 2012

Social raises over $4,000 for Bourkevale

Roy and Bill Johnstone present BCC's Jeff Valgardson with event proceeds

P.E.I fiddler Roy Johnstone brought the house down at a May fundraiser for Bourkevale Community Centre, raising an impressive $4,190 for the club. Johnstone, the brother of board member Bill Johnstone — who organized the event — is an accomplished musician from the Maritimes who has roots in St. James. The event was so big we had to hold it at Deer Lodge Community Centre, which has more space. Big thanks to the fine folks at Deer Lodge for accommodating us.

May 9, 2012

Ball hockey instant hit on north rink

What happens when you put out two hockey nets on an outdoor rink in Winnipeg and invite people to bring their sticks and play ball hockey? Spontaneous hockey games usually break out almost immediately.
That was the scene on the north rink at Bourkevale this week with kids taking advantage of the new ball hockey opportunity at Bourkevale.

May 3, 2012

Soccer program continues to grow

Nothing says spring like soccer at Bourkevale Community Centre, including immaculately-groomed fields, freshly-painted lines and ambitious, jersey-donned players. That was the scene this week at Bourkevale, where the sport of soccer continues to be the fastest growing activity at the club.
Bourkevale is fielding seven soccer teams this season, including two 5/6 teams, two 7/8 teams, a U9 girls team, one U12 boys team and a U13 boys team.
The club's soccer program is driven entirely by volunteers, led by our tireless soccer convenor Sarah Swanson and our volunteer coaches. Bourkevale's soccer fields are maintained by dedicated volunteers who put in endless hours to ensure our kids have quality fields to play on.

Feb 4, 2012

Pleasure skating a big hit at Bourkevale

No stick, no puck? No problem. We have plenty of ice time for you. Bourkevale has reserved two time slots per week on the south rink for those who want to skate without hockey sticks and pucks on the ice.
And it's been a big hit this year, with skaters of all ages enjoying some of the best outdoor ice in the city. Pleasure skating is held every Friday from 6-7 p.m. and Sundays from 2-4 p.m. Bring the kids and bring the grandparents. It doesn't get much better than this.