Dec 5, 2012

Bourkevale celebrates 60th Anniversary of clubhouse

Joan Jackson, circa 1953 at new clubhouse
Sixty years ago, Bourkevale Community Centre officially opened its clubhouse on Dec. 5, 1952. It was a grand affair whose presence included then-mayor of St. James Reginald Wightman who cut the ceremonial ribbon with club president Art Stephens and past-president Bob Pyne. The club was packed with area residents on that Friday night and folks enjoyed a night of dancing, a live band and good times with neighbours and friends.
Bourkevale Community Centre has a rich history dating back to 1949, three years before the club finally got its own clubhouse, which was dragged down Ferry Road from the airport and installed at the present site.
We have launched a new Bourkevale history website which chronicles the early efforts of area residents to establish their local club, the struggles and challenges they encountered — including the tragic death of a young boy — and the success they ultimately enjoyed.
It's a remarkable story. Click here to explore the early days of Bourkevale and discover why this club, 60 years later, is still so important to our community.