Mar 27, 2013

Ice rink season comes to a close

Well, it was bound to happen. Bourkevale's ice rinks officially closed March 26 in 2013. Our talented ice makers kept the south rink going as long as possible this season, with early-morning floods, patch jobs and the tender-loving-care they're famous for. But the late-March sun rays finally took over.
A big thanks to our ice makers Ron Templeton, Jeff Valgardson and Scotty Nystrom — and everyone else who helped along the way, including Mike Templeton — for the outstanding work they did this year. It was a very challenging season with twice the amount of average snowfall.
As far as we can tell, being open until March 26 is a modern-day record for Bourkevale. We normally shut the ice rinks down in the first week of March.
The canteen/skate room will open again for the spring soccer season in May and June.