Jan 29, 2020

Jan 20, 2020

Bourkey’s Hockey School is in session

Sundays from 4-5 pm on the North Rink we are continuing our outdoor program designed to teach hockey skills in a fun and encouraging environment.
Each week we begin with free time with pucks and some games. Next we run drills based on age/ability. The last 15 minutes or so is spent scrimmaging or “playing shinny”. Score is not kept.
  The program runs from December through February, as ice conditions dictate.
The minimum equipment requirements are skates, stick, and a full-cage helmet. If you do not have these items at home already, secondhand stores like Play-It-Again Sports and Source For Sports have used equipment for a good price. A simple wooden stick from Canadian Tire works just fine. There’s also a limited number of extra skates at Bourkevale that we can try and fit your child with on a first-come-first-served basis.

Your children are welcome to come and try a session, and if they are interested, a $25 fee will pay for their own jersey, hockey socks, after-session hot chocolate, and pizza party wind-up. Parents are encouraged to come on the ice and join in the fun!