Feb 28, 2021

U18 Female Winter Classic at Bourkevale

Bourkevale was proud to host several teams for practices and exhibition games in February. It was a tough season for minor hockey, with indoor arenas closed due to the pandemic. Bourkevale was able to provide ice time to several teams.
The ice season ended on a high note as Bourkevale hosted the Winter Classic Female U18 between the Winnipeg Avros and the St. Mary's Academy Flames. It was a memorable evening.

Feb 12, 2021

Bourkevale ice time for teams is now full

Under new public health orders, organized practices and games are now permitted on outdoor rinks. Bourkevale has a long history of supporting minor hockey and has always made practice ice available for teams at all age levels. Not surprisingly, there has been significant demand for ice time since the new orders were released. Bourkevale has been flooded with them. The club attempts to balance those requests with the goal of providing ice to local residents for casual use. As such, we can only accept so many teams for practices and games.

At this time, requests for Bourkevale ice time have far exceeded what we can accommodate. We have booked a number of teams for regular practice slots and are not accepting any more. We would like to thank everyone for thinking of Bourkevale as a place to host their games and practices.  

Jan 7, 2021

Temporary redirect at Bourkevale


Construction at the end of Ferry Road impacted the community's use of an active transportation path and the local off-leash dog park. Both are very busy! Bikes, school kids, seniors and neighbors all use them.

There was no plan to accommodate the daily users of these areas and a makeshift detour over curbs, through bushes and around the back of buildings, complete with handwritten signs were put up by a well-meaning construction worker.

The volunteers at Bourkevale identified the community concerns and worked with managers from the City of Winnipeg and TetraTech to develop a safe, marked path around the construction, but still connecting the neighbourhood as well as access to the dog park via Douglas Park Road.

Signage and path markers clearly show where we can all safely walk or ride for the next several weeks. This is a great example of how community centres have a role to play as advocates for the neighbourhoods they are in.

Jan 2, 2021

Rinks in top shape at Bourkevale

 Thanks to all the volunteers who helped get the ice in this year. It was a late start but after about 40 floods, Bourkevale had its rinks ready before Christmas. A big thanks to the volunteers who clean and maintain the rinks every day.