About Us

Bourkevale Community Centre is a not-for-profit organization operated by a volunteer board of directors. The centre provides a wide range of programs and services to the community and organizes a number of special events throughout the year. It is located at 100 Ferry Rd. on picturesque greenspace overlooking the Assiniboine River.
Bourkevale is funded through a combination of city of Winnipeg operating grants and from self-generated revenue sources, including hall rentals, club programs, special events and sports registration fees. We operate largely through volunteer staff who collectively run the day-to-day operations of the club, allowing the vast majority of our resources to be used for programming, services and buildings and grounds costs. Our two ice rinks during the winter months are maintained entirely by volunteers.

The best way to contact our volunteer staff is to e-mail us at bourkevale@gmail.com.

Our board of directors:

Dan Reles - President
Lisa Diamond-Burchuk - Vice-president
Treasurer - Shannon Slater
Kim Roffey - Secretary
Tom Brodbeck - Director of Communications
Jeff Valgardson - Buildings and Grounds
Cindy Kantzioris - Canteen manager
Natasha Taiarol - Soccer convenor
Mary Northover-Ramey - Special events coordinator
Denise Reles - Hall rentals
Elaine Nystrom - Program coordinator