Bourkevale Boundaries

Bourkevale Community Centre Boundaries

Portage Avenue from Truro Creek to the back lane west of Inglewood Street, north to Bruce Avenue, then east along a line extending from Bruce Avenue to St. James Street
Assiniboine River, from St. James Street to Truro Creek
Truro Creek, from the Assiniboine River to Portage Avenue
St. James Street, from Portage Avenue to the Assiniboine River

— Greater Council of Winnipeg Community Centres

By address:

Assiniboine Avenue_____________1752 to 1874

Berry Street___________________ Up to 251

Bourkevale Drive______________ All addresses

Brooklyn Street________________ Up to 251

Cavell Drive __________________ All addresses

Collegiate Street_______________ Up to 251

Douglas Park Road_____________ All addresses

Ferry Road____________________ Up to 259

Garden Road__________________ All addresses

Hampton Street________________ Up to 251

Inglewood Street ______________ Up to 259

King Edward Street____________ Up to 251

Library Place_________________ All addresses

Marjorie Street________________ Up to 251

Parkview Street_______________ Up to 251

Parkside Drive ________________ All addresses

Portage Avenue________________ 1712 to 1946

Queen Street___________________ Up to 251

Riverbend Crescent_____________ All addresses

Riveroaks Drive_______________ All addresses

Roseberry Street_______________ Up to 251

Winston Road_________________ All addresses