Paint party at Bourkevale March 2, 2018

Champions: Bourkevale Bruins 7/8 hockey team win Tim Vandale Memorial Tournament February, 2016

Bourkevale's 7/8 hockey team battle it out in Tim Vandale Memorial Tournament Feb. 2016

Bourkevale's 7/8 hockey team wins Tim Vandale
Memorial Tournament February, 2016

First to the ball; Bourkevale soccer teams had a great season in 2013.

Winning the ball with some fancy footwork at Bourkevale (2013)

Breaking out of our zone; Bourkevale was great up the middle this year (2013)

Bord-Aire vs. Bourkevale — always a tough rivalry, no matter how old they are (2013)

Mini soccer at Bourkevale, 2013. There's nothing like it!

Hoedown "Wild" Dog Show rocks in September, 2012. One of the best parts of this annual event.

Bourkevale's U12 boys soccer team went far in 2012 playoffs.

Bourkevale kids love cheering for the Hoedown dog show (2012)

The great potato sack race at BCC Hoedown (2010)

Great Bourkevale soccer moment at the club (2010)

Soccer at Bourkevale (2010)

Cheering for the BCC Dog Show is always the loudest at Bourkevale Hoedown (2012)

Bourkevale Dog Show — a fan favourite at BCC Hoedown September, 2012

Bourkevale's boys U12 soccer team had a great team in 2012.

Bourkevale soccer was in high gear in the spring of 2012

Bourkevale Hoedown 2010

Angus and Parker, Bourkevale soccer (2010)

Hockey at Bourkevale 2011 (North Rink)

Ryan Templeton won the Bob Pyne Trophy in 2010
Alana Moffet won the Bob Pyne trophy in 2009
Breanne Yozenko won the Bob Pyne Trophy in 2010

Devan Schram wins Bob Pyne Award 2009. Schram began his hockey career with Bourkevale - including a 9A1 championship - and went on to play for the Virden Oil Caps.